Redwood Prison GUI has over 110 FE Features and is enjoyed by most people who use it. The script is mainly paid now however some features on it are still free. You can still have a lot of fun with the free features! The script definitely works on KRNL & Synapse (I am not sure if other executors support it) The script does not require you to use any special hats or anything the script is just for Redwood Prison and it uses Remote Events in Redwood Prison.


The script does have some rules and we do log some things such as your Roblox user ID however everything that is logged is explained in our Terms Of Service.


  • Support KRNL and synapse
  • Free to use
  • 110+ FE features
  • Constantly updated
  • Used by youtubers



001 // 001#1234 //


--// TOS Link:
--// GUI & Settings (You Can Edit)
_G.GUICLICKID = "6706935653"
_G.AimAssist = true
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