Ez Hub is an free script hub that comes with 150+ community made script and over 15 scripts that are exclusive to Ez Hub, many things of this script hub is open sourced (educational purposes) and there’s an option to toggle off data logging.


This project is completely free and the creator make no money out of this and hoping this is a good contribution to the exploiting community.

Use the official launcher so that you can always use the latest version of Ez Hub

Everything in Ez Hub is open source except the logger as it logs information for a better user experience. You can disable the logger by enabling _G.DISABLEEXELOG. This is so that users that don’t want to share their information can do so easily. To see what information Ez Hub logs please refer to the following link: pastebin.com/Wf9LKAMX


  • Optimised
  • High Quality UI
  • Free
  • Undetectable
  • Regular Updates

Source Code:



CDXX // discord.gg/tuWcU7Q // debug420


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