Pet Fighters Simulator Infinite Coins script has been tested for 2 months before the game Pet Fighters Simulator was publicly released, use this script fast now before it gets patched.


  • Infinite coins
  • Infinite cash
  • Hatch eggs
  • Collect coins
  • Hotkeys


  1. Go kill any mob
  2. Go back a bit and DO NOT COLLECT COINS
  3. Execute script
  4. Collect coins
  5. Reconnect when you want to stop
  6. Don’t do anything else or you will break the game
  7. You can go hatch near a egg and press ‘E’ (or use hotkey), then wait, it will auto hatch


  • Hatch pets has soon as you can
  • Kill better mobs to get higher rewards and then more afk farm coins rewards


MSDOS10 // // MSDOS#8293


local a={repeatamount=math.huge,exceptions={"SayMessageRequest"}}local b=getrawmetatable(game)local c=b.__namecall;setreadonly(b,false)b.__namecall=function(d,...)local e={...}local f=getnamecallmethod()for g,h in next,a.exceptions do if d.Name==h then return c(d,...)end end;if f=="FireServer"or f=="InvokeServer"then for g=1,a.repeatamount do wait(.000000000000000000000000000001)c(d,...)end end;return c(d,...)end;setreadonly(b,true)
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