Luxware UI Library was an UI library made by xHeptic, his friend Luxt has exit-scammed his paid scripts for an paid script and the leak has been released, the 50% of the code was skidded and made long time ago which makes it deserved to be leaked.


Video Showcase:

Example Usage:

local Luxtl = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

local Luxt = Luxtl.CreateWindow("Wisteria GUI", 6105620301)

local mainTab = Luxt:Tab("Auto-Farm", 6087485864)
local teleportsTab = Luxt:Tab("Teleports")
local autoQTab = Luxt:Tab("Auto-Quest")
local combatTab = Luxt:Tab("Combat")
local creditsTab = Luxt:Tab("Credits")
local cf = creditsTab:Section("Main Credits")
cf:Credit("Luxt: Main Coding")
local cf1 = creditsTab:Section("UI Credits")
cf1:Credit("xHeptc: UI Library")
local cf2 = creditsTab:Section("Helping Credits")
cf2:Credit("Salad: Helping")

local Examples = Luxt:Tab("Examples")
local ff = Examples:Section("All Examples")
ff:Label("Welcome to Wisteria GUI")
ff:Button("TextButton Text", function()
ff:Toggle("Toggle Me!", function(isToggled)
    print(isToggled) -- prints true or false
ff:KeyBind("Print('Hey') on bind", Enum.KeyCode.R, function() --Enum.KeyCode.R is starting Key
ff:TextBox("TextBox Info", "Epic PlaceHolder", function(getText)
    print(getText) -- Prints whatever player types
ff:Slider("WalkSpeed", 16, 503, function(currentValue)
    game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = currentValue
ff:DropDown("Favorite Food?", {"Pizza", "Burger", "Sandwiches"}, function(food) -- food is chosen item


xHeptc // xHeptc#2255 //

This script might not work and has been reported few times recently

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